Mini FAQ (Visit Forum for more FAQs)

Q: Is the battery new with packaging?
A: Yes, battery is new and comes direct with standard factory packaging. We are able to offer competitive pricing by removing fancy retail packaging and in addition reduces unneccessary environmental wastage.

Q: Is the battery Original?

A: Most battery are Non-Original unless otherwise stated. We chose and built our replacement battery to be equivalent, if not supercedes in performance compare to OEM specifications.

Q: Is the battery safe to use? I heard that some compatible battery fail easily, underperform or worst exploded.
A: Our battery is safe to use and tens of thousands has been sold worldwide. All Battery comes with up to 12 month exchange warranty. We are NOT brokers [Buy Low, Sell High] who makes quick profit out of low quality products.

Q: I had bad experiences with compatible battery product.

A: That is because you probably bought from an unknown source who does'nt even know what is inside the pack itself. With worcell 30 day Refund and Equipment warranty, You can rest assured of good experiences with our replacement battery.

Q: How long can your battery last?
A: China cells has shorter product lifecycle and lower capacity (mAh) than Japanese and Korea cells. Most replacement battery found in the market uses China cells more often as it is cheaper and readily available. However, worcell has higher strigent quality expectation and insist whenever possible to use JP and KR cells for our battery packs.

Q: Is sending payment online safe?

A: Internet banking is generally safe and secured and we had over thousands of successful transactions made so far. Worcell is not affiliated with any of the online banking system and we DO NOT store any customer financial details on our server except delivery information which remains confidential.

Q: Do you have a shop somewhere?
A: This is our 24hr online shop and we provide all sales and support through

Q: Do you ship internationally?

A: Yes. We provide Worldwide shipping for a Flat rate of USD$7.00 via secured post. Courier services by UPS, DHL, and Fedex are available. Insurance is optional.

Q: When can I receive the battery?
A: Item by courier will arrive on the same day (3-7pm) if payment is made before 12.00pm. It may take up to 2 working days to reach recipent for standard delivery by post. International shipment may take between 3-15 days dependent on cities location.

Q: Any further discount?

A: We review our pricing frequently to bring customer valued satisfaction and ensure that the price listed comes with the amount of services and support that we introduced. We offer a generous discount of 10% for non-profit charity organizations and educational institutes. cares for the environment from excessive wastage as much as our consumer investment interests. Use a battery wisely and benefits both your pockets($) and Mother Earth.

Any further enquiry, Please do not hesitate to email us. statement
It is our goal to provide our customers 100% satisfaction.