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SLB-0837B Battery for Samsung - NEW!  74840   ◆ SLB-0837B Battery for Samsung - NEW!   3.7V 800mAh   3.7V   800mAh   China   In Stock    US$8.76  Buy Now 
Samsung Digimax L50 / L60 / L80 Battery  1005   ◆ Samsung Digimax L50 / L60 / L80 Battery   3.7V 800mAh   3.7V   800mAh   Japan   Low Stock    US$24.99  Backorder 
Samsung SLB-07A Battery  75113   ◆ Samsung SLB-07A Battery   3.7V 650mAh   3.7V   650mAh   China   Low Stock    US$25.96  Backorder 
Samsung SLB-11A Battery  75079   ◆ Samsung SLB-11A Battery   3.8V 1130mAh   3.8V   1130mAh   China   Out of Stock    US$25.96  Backorder 
Samsung SLB-70A Battery  75876   ◆ Samsung SLB-70A Battery   3.7V 740mAh   3.7V   740mAh   China   In Stock    US$25.96  Buy Now 
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