WORCELL 22mm Ultra-Compact USB + Notebook Battery Pack

WORCELL 22mm Ultra-Compact USB + Notebook Battery Pack WORCELL 22mm Ultra-Compact USB + Notebook Battery Pack WORCELL 22mm Ultra-Compact USB + Notebook Battery Pack
WORCELL 22mm Ultra-Compact USB + Notebook Battery Pack
Order Code: 76062
Mfg Part No: EL1696.806

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Specification: 5V, 9~12V, 15~24V,
Capacity: 9~12V,
Voltage: 5V,
Cells: China
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Est. Retail Price: US$166.88


Product Description

► World smallest density capacity compact rechargeable Lithium-ion battery pack

► High portable energy pack at 65Watt max 

Support Notebook voltages ranging from ranging 15V - 24V

► 4  LED digit display > 4-step battery and variable voltage level indicator 

► Stable voltage output (5% tolerance) with full protection circuitry and safety cut-off 

► Most notebook and portable devices compatible with the connection of the 20 different plugs

► Design and Manufactured in China

Specifications (EU1902)
Product  Lithium Ion Battery Pack
Configuration  Cylindrical Samsung 18650 cell
Model Number  E1696
Ouput Voltages
 9V, 10.8V, 12V, 15V, 16V, 19V, 20V, 24V
Battery Capacity  6.6Ah
Output Power
 65W (max), 4A
Average Size  118 x 113 x 22 mm
Weight  0.6 kg
Impedance  < 40 m.ohm
Battery Gauge
 4 Digit LED
Charging Time
 3 hr
Run Time
 2 - 4 hr
 Single Mode
Protection Device
 Safety cut-off Circuit
  • Please read the following instructions (5 Parts) carefully for a good understanding of the product and its operation..


    Part I. Charge the Battery

    Step 1:
    To charge EL1696, simply connect it with AC adapter included in the package.

    Step 2:
    The 1st LED on the right is always in red color. The rest are in green, glowing in no. corresponding to charge time.

    The battery might become warm during charging process.

    Step 3:
    The LED display will keep flashing during the charging process. When the battery is fully charged, these 4 LEDs will all glow.

    Unplug the power connect when the battery is fully charged.

    Part II. Power Status

    Different lighting condition of the LED display shows respective current power level of the battery:

    Condition of LED display
    Power Level

    Less than 30% available

    30-50% available

    51-70% available

    71-100% available

    Reminder: Do not exhaust the battery until all power are completely consumpted.

    Part III. DC Sockets Introduction

    There are 1 DC Input socket and 3 DC Output sockets with different voltage, which cater to most digital products in market.

    USB Port

    Provide 5V / 1A power, suitable for all 5V Digital Devices like Mobile Phone, PDA, Game Player, MP3, Digital Camera, etc¡­

    3.5mm DC Output Jack

    Provide 10.8V / 5A power, suitable for Portable DVD Player, Netbook, UMPC, Digital Photo Frame, and other devices which require 9 -12V power input.

    5.5mm DC Output Jack

    Provide 3 Switching Output 16V / 4A, 19V / 3.5A, 24V / 2.5A power, suitable for some Laptop Computers which require 16 -24V power input.

    5.5mm DC Input Jack

    Accept 12 - 24V / 45W power input, the sizes of the corresponding power cable are outside 5.5mm and inside 2.5mm respectively.

    Part IV. Use of the Battery

    Step 1a:
    Refer to the label on AC adapter for your notebook: to check the "Output" power.

    Step 1b:
    Refer to the label sticked on the bottom of your notebook: to check the "power input" requirement.

    Step 2:
    Choose an output voltage which is close to the power input requirement of your device, then plug the suitable power cable into the DC output jack of the battery.

    Step 3:
    For EL1696, there are wide range interchangeable tips that work with most notebooks and other devices. The correct plug tip would be the one with its tip well fitted into the DC jack of the device tightly and snugly.

    Step 4:
    Connect the terminal of the power cable with the tip installed on the device.

    Step 5:
    When EL1696 and the device are connceted with each other, the battery will begin to supply power. When using Output III to charge notebook, the LED battery will turn to the right voltage to applicable the notebook.

    How to switch the voltage of Output III:


    Press and hold the CHECK button 3 seconds.


    One of the LED indicator flashing, press the CHECK button to select the correct voltage which is fit to your device.


    Wait for 5 seconds, the flashing LED will be gone. Voltage selection has been confirmed.


    1. There are 3 different Output which are 16V, 19V, 24V in Output III.

    2. With an AC adapter connected, EL1696 could still be able to supply power to multiple devices through its Output I, Output II and Output III simultaneously.

    Reminder: Do not exhaust the battery. Recharge before power is completely consumed.

    Part V. Caution

    1. Do not subject the battery to extreme pressure.
    2. Do not over charge the battery to avoid shortening of battery life.
    3. Do not immerse in water.
    4. Do not attempt to open or break apart the battery pack.
    5. Do not throw the battery in fire or attempt to burn it.
    6. Keep the battery away from excessively dry or humid environments.
    7. Do not use the battery if it has been subjected to shock or damage; take it to qualified technician for inspection and repair.
    Product Code EL1696
    Input DC Voltage 12-24 V
    Capacity 6800 mAh
    Rate 75 Wh
    Dimension 188.50 x 114.00 x 22.80 mm
    Output Voltage 5 / 9-12 / 15-17 / 18-20 / 24 V
    Available Color