Sony V-Mount (BP Series) Battery Charger with *DUAL* Sequential Channel

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Mfg Part No: AVNL1812

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Specification: Input: 100-240V
Capacity: Input:
Voltage: 100-240V
Cells: China
Online Price: US$316.00
Est. Retail Price: US$338.12

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Product Description
 The charger is a dual ports sequential quick charger that will fully charge the Li-ion batteries in approximately 4 hours. It can charge 2 batteries sequentially. The sequence for battery charging at channel 1 then progresses to channel 2 and then back to channel 1 again. It automatically searches each channel in continuous loop for battery charging sequence loop is interrupted only by the detection of valid battery to be charged.

■ Model: E-10S, E-50S, E-70S, E-7S, E-80S , BP-65H, BP-90, BP-GL65, BP-GL95, BP-IL75, BP-L40, BP-L40A, BP-L60, BP-L60A, BP-L60S, BP-L80S, BP-L90, BP-L90A
■ Input Voltage: AC 100 ~ 240V
■ Input Frequency: 50 ~ 60 Hz
■ Output Voltage: 12 ~ 13.8V
■ Output Current: Max 3.5A  
■ Battery Charging Voltage: 16.8V
■ Battery Charging Current: 2A
■ Dimensions (LxBxH) : 220.00 x 190.50 x 82.90 mm
■ Weight: 1.68 kg
■ Color: Grey
■ Warranty: 12 months
■ Refund Policy: 30-Days MoneyBack Guaranteed
■ Fits Model:
AG-DVC200P, AJ-D410A(with Anton/Bauer Gold Mount Plate), AJ-HDC27FP, AJ-SDX900P
BC-L100CE, BVM-D9H1A(Broadcast Monitors), BVM-D9H1E(Broadcast Monitors), BVM-D9H1U (Broadcast Monitors), BVM-D9H5A(Broadcast Monitors), BVM-D9H5E(Broadcast Monitors), BVM-D9H5U(Broadcast Monitors), BVP-5, BVP-50, BVP-550W, BVP-7, BVP-70, BVP-90, BVP-BVV5, BVW-200, BVW-300P(With BKW-L601 or BKW-L601/2 Battery Adaptor), BVW-300(With BKW-L601 or BKW-L601/2 Battery Adaptor), BVW-400, BVW-400A, BVW-400P(With BKW-L601 or BKW-L601/2 Battery Adaptor), BVW-505, BVW-507, BVW-550, BVW-570, BVW-590, BVW-D600, DCR-50(DVCAM VTR), DCR-50P(DVCAM VTR), DNV-7, DNV-7P, DNW-7, DNW-7P, DNW-90, DNW-90P, DNW-90WS, DNW-90WSP, DNW-9WS, DNW-9WSP, DNW-A220, DNW-A225, DNW-A25, DNW-A25(Portable Recorder), DNW-A25P(Portable Recorder), DNW-A25WS(Portable Recorder), DNW-A25WSP(Portable Recorder), DNW-A28(Betacam SX Recorder), DNW-A28P(Betacam SX Recorder), DSR-1, DSR-250, DSR-250P, DSR-300, DSR-300A, DSR-300AP, DSR-300F, DSR-300K, DSR-300L, DSR-300P, DSR-300PF, DSR-300PK, DSR-300PL, DSR-370, DSR-370K1, DSR-370K2, DSR-370L, DSR-370P, DSR-370PK1, DSR-370PK2, DSR-390, DSR-390K1, DSR-390K2, DSR-390L, DSR-390P, DSR-400, DSR-400K, DSR-400L, DSR-400P, DSR-400PK, DSR-400PL, DSR-450WS, DSR-450WSL, DSR-450WSP, DSR-450WSPL, DSR-500WS, DSR-500WSL, DSR-500WSP, DSR-500WSPL, DSR-50 (Portable Recorder), DSR-50P (Portable Recorder), DSR-570WS, DSR-570WSL, DSR-570WSP, DSR-570WSPL/2, DSR-600PL, DSR-650WSPL, DSR-70, DSR-70A, DSR-70AP(Portable Editing Recoder), DVW-250P (Videocassette Recorder), DVW-250(Videocassette Recorder), DVW-7, DVW-707, DVW-707P, DVW-709WS, DVW-709WSP, DVW-790WS, DVW-790WSP, DVW-90, DVW-90WS, DVW-970, DVW-970P, DVW-9WS, DXC-D35, DXC-D35L, DXC-D35P, DXC-D35PL, DXC-D35WS, DXC-D35WSL, DXC-D35WSP, DXC-D35WSPL, DXC-D50, DXC-D50H, DXC-D50K, DXC-D50L, DXC-D50P, DXC-D50PH, DXC-D50PK, DXC-D50PL, DXC-D50WS, DXC-D50WSH, DXC-D50WSL, DXC-D50WSP, DXC-D50WSPL, HDC-930(Color Video Camera), HDC-950(Color Video Camera), HDW-250(HDCAM VTR), HDW-280, HDW-730, HDW-730S, HDW-750, HDW-750CE, HDW-750P, HDW-790, HDW-790WSP, HDW-F900, HDW-F900H, HDW-F900R, HDW-S280(HDCAM VTR), LMD-650, LMD-9020(LCD monitor), LMD-9030(LCD monitor), LMD-9050(LCD monitor), MSW-900, MSW-900P, MSW-970, MSW-970P, PDW-510, PDW-510P, PDW-530, PDW-530P, PDW700, PDW-D1(Disc Drive), PDW-F330, PDW-F330K, PDW-F330L, PDW-F350, PDW-F350L, PDW-R1, PDW-R1(LCD monitor), PDW-V1(XDCAM VTR), PVM-5041Q (with DC-L10 Adapter), PVM-6041QM(with DC-L10 Adapter), PVM-8040 (with DC-L10 Adapter), PVM-8042Q (with DC-L10 Adapter), PVM-8045Q (with DC-L10 Adapter), PVM-9040ME(with DC-L10 Adapter), PVM-9042QM(with DC-L10 Adapter), PVM-9045QM(with DC-L10 Adapter), PVM-9L2(Color Video Monitor), SRPC-1(Portable Digital Recorder), SRW-1 (Video Processor), WLL-CA50, WRR-861, WRR-862/1
LDX-110, LDX-120, LDX-140, LDX-150
Operating Instructions

Step 1:
Connect the supplied AC power cord firmly into the AC input jack and wall outlet.

Step 2: 
Press the main power switch at the rear of the charger down to the white dot direction. The LCD display will light and show "AVNL1812 CHARGE FOR LI-ION".

Step 3:
When the charger waiting for battery, the LCD display will show output voltage and output current.

Step 4:(A) 
Sliding the battery pack in the battery socket until it is fully mounted. The word "CHARGE" and battery status (voltage and percentage of capacity shows alternately) will be shown on the LCD display.

If the word "FAIL" show, means the battery is faulty one.

Step 5: 
When the battery is fully charged, the word "FULL" will show on the LCD display instead of "CHARGE". Push the release lock in the side of the battery socket and slide out the battery pack. After charged the battery, turn off the charger and disconnect the AC power cord from the charger and the wall outlet.


1. Do not place anything on the top of the charger; do not block ventilation holes when charger in use.
2. This is normal during charging the temperature of the charger will rise.
3. Be sure to insert battery into the battery socket firmly.
4. Do not attempt to charge faulty batteries or batteries with incorrect specifications.
5. Do not expose the charger to direct sunlight, and use the charger in well-ventilated place.
6. Do not open the unit or attempt to repair any malfunction, there are dangerous power supply circuits inside. There are no user serviceable parts inside.
7. Avoid using the charger near equipment that generates noise, such as TV set... etc.
8. The charger should be turned on prior to batteries insert.
Product Code AVNL1812